Welcome to Aver Family Vineyards

Humility is a quality often lacking in the wine industry. But anyone responsible for a vineyard quickly understands who is really in charge. Our wine journey has been as humbling as it has been exhilarating, and with each harvest, we are privileged to learn another of Mother Nature’s endless lessons.

As winegrowers, we borrow from the land, barter with the sky and pray for divine intervention. We are blessed to have a wonderful vineyard, a loving and supportive family and a talented winemaker who helps us turn great fruit into superior wines. Our home is nestled in the vine-covered hills of southern Santa Clara County, and each day, we count our blessings for the natural beauty that surrounds us. Each day, we tend our vines like they are our children, because, they are.

Each one of our wines is named in honor our winegrowing philosophy. Our “flagship” wine is “Blessings,” a tribute to the fact our vineyards were thankfully spared the devastating fires of 2008. We watched in horror as the flames leapt towards our property, fearing the worst. But we were spared. Thereafter, we counted our “Blessings,” and thus was born our wonderful Petite Sirah, named for the things we count, gratefully, but never count on.

In recognition of the power of hope to get us through any situation in life, no matter how dire, we named our beautiful blend of Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre and Petit Sirah, “Hope.” Through all the challenges we’ve faced, hope, a blend of optimism and blind faith, has prevailed. It has enabled us to fulfill our dreams, and it is our great privilege to offer it to you, along with our estate Syrah, “Homage,” a tribute to our families whose love and support have made us who we are. Our Estate Cabernet “Heritage,” honors the farmers who planted this rich land, and our “Family Album,” whose label bears a snapshot from our past, is a special tribute to our family members, present and departed, who touch our lives every day.

We hope that we can share with you an experience you will always remember, and that our wines will remind you that you are part of a family far bigger, yet, much more intimate, than you ever imagined.

Our best, John & Carolyn Aver

Aver Family Vineyards